Good lender offers customers the opportunity to bridge financial bottlenecks quickly, easily and on favorable terms. A Good lender loan is the smart alternative to a high-exposure credit line. In order to borrow 2500 euros, the applicant needs the status of an existing customer. New customers can borrow up to 500 euros. If you pay it back on time, then you can borrow higher amounts as an existing customer. The request is free and without obligation. No notification will be refunded to Bank by means of a credit inquiry. The maximum term of a loan is 90 days. However, it is possible to repay the loan sooner. In this way, customers can react flexibly to their current financial circumstances.

Rent 2500 Euro at Good lender – what are the reasons for this?

Rent 2500 Euro at Good lender - what are the reasons for this?

The inclusion of a micro-loan is particularly useful when it comes to close short-term funding gaps . Due to the high interest charges, the credit line of the house bank is generally not recommended. Failure of important home appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers to their service, must be a quick replacement. If the current credit does not allow for an independent purchase, it makes sense to lend 2,500 euros quickly and easily to Good lender . The same applies if a costly car repair needs to be financed in the short term or if a new computer is urgently needed.

Freelance work is often associated with financial imponderables. If there are financial bottlenecks, there is the possibility for self-employed persons to lend 2500 Euro at Good lender. In this way, bills can be paid or smaller projects can be financed . In the case of start-ups, a microcredit enables the financing of important work equipment . This may be, for example, the purchase of office furniture, computer equipment or other work materials .

The inclusion of a small loan should generally take place if the applicant is sure that he can repay the loan within the specified term.

Which motives for taking a small loan

Which motives for taking a small loan

The inclusion of a micro-loan is particularly useful if imminent follow-up costs, such as dunning or processing fees, can be prevented. In this way, customers can actually save money by taking out a loan. The inclusion of a microcredit is also recommended when it comes to serving loans taken out at other institutions on time. Since these are usually associated with much higher interest charges, the timely repayment with the help of a micro-loan can also be saved money.

Cheap microcredits have long enjoyed great popularity abroad. Statistics show that this type of borrowing is also becoming more popular in Germany. While in 1991 the amount borrowed annually by private households was only 695 million euros, in 2017 already 1192 billion euros were taken up in microcredit .

Borrow 2500 euros: costs and interest

Good lender offers its customers favorable conditions. The interest rates are well below the charges incurred in the case of a credit line. When a customer enters his or her desired loan amount and term into the Good lender loan calculator, the annual percentage rate of interest is displayed directly to him. In this way, the borrower can see at a glance what the total cost of receiving the loan. In addition, the customer can compare in this way quickly and clearly the cost of different loan offers without even having to resort to the calculator.

Borrowing from Good lender – what requirements must be met?

Borrowing from Good lender - what requirements must be met?

To apply for a loan, the person must be at least 18 years old . Other requirements are a German bank account and a fixed monthly income . The main residence of the applicant must be in Germany. Only existing customers 2500 Euro borrow. Exclusion criteria for obtaining a loan are an arrest warrant issued against the applicant and ongoing legal proceedings. In addition, the borrower may not have made a sworn statement in the past 3 years. As with any financial services provider, a credit check will be made. Lending is also possible with medium creditworthiness of the applicant. Loans are only granted to persons who, according to Bank information, have no outstanding liabilities. Late repaid but settled liabilities are not an impediment to taking out a loan.

Borrowing from Good lender is straightforward. Only a few documents are needed. To identify the applicant, an identity card must be submitted . In addition, current income proofs are needed to check the creditworthiness. All documents can be submitted online or by mail. The customer then goes through the Post-Ident procedure or the WebIdent procedure. After careful examination, Good lender decides whether the requested loan can be granted.


  • Enter the desired credit in the Good lender calculator
  • Submit the required documents
  • Go through the Post-Ident procedure or the WebIdent procedure
  • Checking the creditworthiness
  • If the check is positive, the loan is paid to the applicant’s account

Which additional options are available?

With the express option, a customer ensures that the required money is quickly and safely paid to his account . With timely booking by 15 clock, the express credit of Good lender the customer even within 60 minutes .

With the 2-rate option, customers can extend the term of their loan . The approach is useful if the customer is having trouble settling his loan within the time frame originally set. In the case of positive repayment behavior, Sutpen will issue a credit certificate to family microcredit customers , which has an influence on the rating of the respective customer by banks . In an optimal case, the customer can use the credit certificate to significantly improve his creditworthiness with banks.



How can a loan be requested?

The first step is to complete the online application . Subsequently, the required documents are sent online or by post to Good lender. Since it takes several days to send the documents by post, the Post-Ident procedure requires a longer processing time than the WebIdent procedure.

How is the loan paid off?

The customer can repay his small loan in the amount of 2500 euros in installments. He has the opportunity to link the period of repayment to his personal financial circumstances . Existing customers can choose whether to repay the loan in four, five or six monthly installments in terms of repayment. New customers are free to decide whether the amount collected should be redeemed in one, two or three installments . The repayment of the loan must be made by bank transfer. A debit of the amounts due by direct debit is not possible.

Borrow 2500 euros: How can a loan be extended?

Customers can extend their loan with the 2-installment option . In this way, the borrower can split the repayment of his amount in 2 installments. The 2-rate option can be booked online while the loan is in progress. Such a procedure makes sense, in particular, if the customer determines that repayment is more difficult than originally intended. By booking the 2-installment option, a loan originally scheduled for 30 days will be extended to 60 days.

What does the loan calculator state?

Using the loan calculator, the applicant receives an overview of the available loan sums and their associated terms . In addition, the maturing annual interest is displayed. After a client has applied for a loan through the calculator, they will be redirected to fill out the online application.

When will the payment be made when the Express option is booked?

If an applicant chooses the express option when applying for the loan, the money can be transferred within one hour. For the use of the express option, Good lender charges the customer an amount of 39 euros.


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