The variety of personal loans has grown remarkably in recent years. Some offer more flexible deadlines, others higher amounts, some put the emphasis on more competitive commissions … In this post we are going to focus on an aspect that is far from secondary: the ease of achieving them, both when it comes to achieve a YES by response as when processing them. What are the easy loans with better conditions? Well, in these lines we are going to compare the traditional versus the online credits to know which modality offers the easiest loans to obtain .

Easy loans: facilities in terms of acceptance

Easy loans: facilities in terms of acceptance

If we talk about easy loans, a first level of comparison is the acceptance ratio by the bank or the financial company. That is, the possibilities of the entity saying YES to a credit request. In this aspect, the possibilities of acceptance are clearly lower in banks and higher in the Internet, so they are easier to obtain loans. Much easier, since Good Lending , for example, currently has an acceptance ratio of 90.79%. Or put another way: more than 9 out of 10 credit requests are accepted on our website.
Banks are much more restrictive in terms of personal requirements.

Many entities deny loans to applicants for not having a fixed and full-time payroll or for not having sufficient guarantees or personal guarantees, among other reasons. However, for entities that provide financial services on the Internet, these types of requirements are usually not necessary, which makes them easy to acquire for almost anyone. In fact, on our website we go further and grant credits to those who are part of the lists of defaulters, such as ASNEF or RAI, something that is unthinkable in banks and credit institutions. Those who are registered in any of these lists of defaulters should indicate it at the time of making the request, but as an information, so it is not an exclusive reason. If they were accepted they could opt for a loan with asnef online .

This relaxation of conditions on the Internet is actually a sign of trust towards users


It is a way of showing that everyone has the right to access financing and that, despite the difficulties and the crisis, customers who do comply with their word and return the total amount of their credit.

What is it that allows websites like Good Lending to be less restrictive and more open in the granting of easy loans? Mainly, the fact that the amounts to be lent are not too high, so that everyone is able to cope with their return. That is, in addition to being the easiest loans to obtain, they are easy loans to repay. In Good Lending we grant up to € 750, an amount that does not mortgage the personal economy but is actually conceived as a   tool more than daily financing .

Easier to get loans: what are the simplest procedures?

Easier to get loans: what are the simplest procedures?

You can also analyze these easy loans in relation to the processing process: what are the credits with a simpler application and reception process? In this case, loans are again imposed on the Internet. First of all because they have a full availability: the website is always ‘open’, unlike the banking offices that have times that are often incompatible with everyday tasks. On the other hand, the emergence of smartphones and tablets, together with the responsive design of pages such as Good Lending, have made it also possible to request immediate online loans from mobile devices.
In addition, the way to choose quantity and term is really easy: two selectors indicate the figures, which in Good Lending go   from € 50 to € 750 and from 1 to 30 days.


Therefore, it is the client who chooses those two conditions, without any type of negotiation with intermediaries or financial agents. In short, easy loans to acquire, in addition to fast.

Finally, the simplicity of online loans is also expressed when receiving the money:   you do not have to go anywhere to withdraw the money and deposit it in the bank, since the requested money is automatically received in the bank account . Checks, promissory notes and other collection tools are discarded, since all they do is complicate and make the minicrédito more expensive.

And once the requested amount is received on the website, the user can use it as he wants. That is, you can take it directly from the ATM, you can make a bank transfer to another person or you can use it to buy online.

Thanks in part to this facility in the acceptance and processing of microcredits , this financing channel is growing enormously in recent years. And thanks to them too, the figures of Good Lending are eloquent: to the 90.79% of the acceptance ratio indicated above, the percentage of loyal customers is added, which amounts to 98.99%. The total amounts continue to rise: we already go for more than 184,000 loans processed for a total sum of 64.4 million euros granted. In short, the easiest loans to get are those offered by Good Lending. Take advantage of it!

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